031 – The Chaser

Original air date – 5/13/60 Story by John Henry Collier | Teleplay by Robert Presnell, Jr. |Directed by Douglas Heyes Starring George Grizzard, John McIntire, Patricia Barry Watch it here Roger Shackleforth (George Grizzard) is a young man in love. While trying to call Leila (Patricia Barry), the girl who he is smitten with, he causes a long line of impatient people […]

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030 – A Stop at Willoughby

Original air date – 5/6/60 Written by Rod Serling | Directed by Robert Parish Starring James Daly, Patricia Donahue, Howard Smith, Jason Wingreen, James Maloney Watch it here . Gart Williams (James Daly) is an advertising executive in New York City whose boss, Mr. Misrell (Howard Smith), is pushing him to a brink of nervous breakdown by his daily mantra of “push, […]

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029 – Nightmare as a Child

Original air date – 4/29/60 Written by Rod Serling | Directed by Alvin Ganzer Starring Janice Rule, Terry Burnham, Shepperd Strudwick Watch it here. Helen Foley (Janice Rule), a school teacher returning home from a day at work, encounters a girl (Terry Turnham) in front of her apartment. She invites the girl in for a cup of hot chocolate. The girl is […]

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028 – A Nice Place to Visit

Original air date – 4/15/60 Written by Charles Beaumont |  Directed by John Brahm Starring Larry Blyden, Sebastian Cabob Watch it here. Directed by John Brahm, one of the most prolific Twilight Zone‘s directors whose previous credit include one of my favorite episodes Time Enough at Last amongst others), A Nice Place to Visit was written by our whiz kid TTZ writer, the talented Charles Beaumont. […]

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027 – The Big Tall Wish

Original air date – 4/8/60 Written by Rod Serling |  Directed by Ron Winston Starring Ivan Dixon, Steven Perry, Kim Hamilton, Walter Burke Watch it here. Bolie Jackson (Ivan Dixon) is a boxer who is past his prime and is returning to the boxing ring for another fight. Henry (Steven Perry) is a little boy who worships Jackson. The night of […]

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026 – Execution

Original air date – 4/1/60 Written by Rod Serling |  Story by George Clayton Johnson |  Directed by David Orrick McDearmon Starring Albert Salmi, Russell Johnson, Than Wyenn, Jon Lormer, George Mitchell, Fay Roope In 1880, Joe Caswell (Albert Salmi) is a remorseless career criminal who is about to hang for his crimes. Miraculously, during the execution, he disappears into thin air. Caswell wakes up to the bustling […]

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025 – People Are Alike All Over

Original air date – 3/25/60 Based on the Short Story by Paul W. Fairman |  Directed by Mitchell Leisen Starring Roddy McDowall, Susan Oliver, Paul Comi, Byron Morrow, Vic Perrin, Vernon Gray Instead of enjoying their last moments on earth before a long journey to Mars, astronauts Sam Conrad (Roddy McDowall) and Mark Marcusson (Paul Comi) spend their final night […]

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